Hier findest du die fiktiven Charaktere, die am LARP Elagabal – The Curtain Falls gespielt werden können. Wenn du auf die Bilder klickst, kommst du zum Volltext. Einsicht in alle Charaktere zu haben soll dir eine klare Vorstellung davon geben, was du am Spiel erwarten kannst. Außerdem kannst du so eine fundierte Entscheidung treffen, mit welchen Spielinhalten du direkt konfrontiert werden willst und mit welchen nicht. Die Charaktere sind alle ausschließlich auf Englisch geschrieben. Wenn du Verständnisfragen hast, kannst du dich gerne an uns wenden.

Du kannst deine Rolle unabhängig von deiner ethischer Zugehörigkeit, Geschlechtsidentität, sexueller Orientierung, körperlichen Merkmalen und Alter wählen.


Here you can find the fictional characters for the Larp Elagabal – The Curtain Falls. Clicking the character’s picture will bring you to the full text of the role. Being able to see all roles should help you getting a clear conception of the game. That way you’ll be able to make an informed choice about the contents you want and you don’t want to be confronted at the Larp. Nonetheless, it is not necessary to read and know all of them, it’s just an offer.

You can choose your role regardless of your ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical characteristics and age.

the agony of 3 choices …

♀ female roles

Iulia Maesa, the relentless

empress, grandmother of Elagabal, pair role

Age: 61
Main theme: power, intrigues, ruthless pragmatism

You will become a goddess. Deified, forever worshipped by mortals. Your sun shall never set nor the people forget who you are.

possible sexual content

Iulia Soaemias

empress, mother of Elagabal, pair role

Age: 35
Main theme: power, intrigues, isolation, fall

You will rule in the name of your son. But betrayed by those who you keep closest, your fall is inevitable. And no one falls deeper than an empress.

possible sexual content

Iulia Mammaea

mother of Alexander, pair role

Age: 33
Main theme: intrigues, self-interest, ascendency

You are a lioness, fighting for your son before he gets sacrificed by your own family. And you don’t hesitate sacrificing them instead, so you can rise.

Bassiana Helia

sister of Elagabal, priestess

Age: 22
Main theme: hedonism, moral decline, excesses, power, indecency

Iulia Paula

first wife of Elagabal

Age: 18
Main theme: 

Aquilia Severa

second wife of Elagabal, vestal virgin

Age: 19
Main theme:

Annia Faustina

third wife of Elagabal, aristocrat, wife of Bassus

Age: 35
Main theme:

Clodia Laeta

virgo maxima (major vastal virgin)

Age: 34
Main theme: 

Flavia Pollitta

wife/widow of Fuscus

Age: 58
Main theme: 

Clodia Impuritas

artist, muse

Age: 29
Main theme: divinity, lust, immorality, be in the spotlight

Manilia Voluptas

artist, muse

Age: 24
Main theme: incest, lust, immorality, be in the spotlight


bodyguard, officer, Amazon

Age: 38
Main theme: 


lanista (boss of the gladiators)

Age: 40
Main theme: 


gladiator, slave

Age: 25
Main theme: 


gladiator, slave

Age: 23
Main theme: alienness, woman in male-dominated field, assertiveness, dominance

♂ male roles

Severus Alexander

caesar, cousin of Elagabal

Age: 15
Main theme: white hope, rivalry, danger, power

You are a beautiful mind, full of love in a world, where only ruthlessness counts. Being the successor of the emperor, no one is more in danger than you.

Manilius Fuscus

senator, priest, husband of Pollitta

Age: 69
Main theme: 

Cassius Dio

senator, consul, historian

Age: 58
Main theme: disgust, struggle for the righteous path, dignity

Marius Maximus

senator, historian

Age: 56
Main theme:

Pomponius Bassus/Catull

husband of Faustina/gladiator

Age: 36
Main theme: 

Manilius Immodestius

artist, muse, brother of Voluptas

Age: 22
Main theme: incest, lust, immorality, be in the spotlight

Aurelius Zoticus

cubicularius (chamberlain), lover of Elagabal

Age: 21
Main theme: hedonism, social advancement, outsider, devotion

Antonianus Claudius

courtier, favourite of Elagabal, lover of Helia

Age: 28
Main theme: social advancement, sexuality, devotion, circumcision for fate

Publius Comazon

officer, praefectus praetorio (chief of the emperor’s bodyguards)

Age: 39
Main theme: 

Pomponius Marsus


Age: 33
Main theme: struggle between love and duty, guilt, friendship

Marcus Pollio


Age: 32
Main theme: self-sacrifice, fall, bringer of hope, friendship


doctore (trainer of the gladiators), slave

Age: 33
Main theme: 


torturer, pervert, slave, son of Laeta

Age: 21
Main theme: 



Age: 30
Main theme: 


gladiator, lover of Elagabal

Age: 23
Main theme: advancement, devotion, lust, power

Who will call you, dirty charioteer, his husband, his mistress, his queen?



Age: 22
Main theme: 


gladiator, lover of Hierocles

Age: 21
Main theme: 


lowest slave in the ludus

Age: 17
Main theme: humiliation, bottom, omega, victim


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