Are you interested in politics?
Have you always wanted to look behind the curtains of international political negotiations?

In cooperation with the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences and the Department of Development Studies at the University of Vienna, we provide you with the opportunity to take part in the simulation of an international conference for sustainable development at the Vienna International Centre in January 2018.

and try to change the world!

Be part of “Negotiating Change” and slip into the roles of the world powers beside and behind the governments!
Represent and assert your interests as part of mighty big business lobbies, add to clarity by providing merciless media-coverage for the international press, or be a voice of compassion and peace by representing a world religion!

  • Th 17.01. – Fr 18.01.2018

    08.30 – 17.00
    on both days

  • Accomodation

    Private flats in Vienna

  • Catering

    Snacks will be provided.
    Lunch (3–5€) at the cantina and dinner are not included in the price.

  • Genre

    Real World
    Present Time

  • Costs

    € 10

  • Sign Up

    until 16.12.2018 via
    (Details below!)


“Negotiating Change” is a joint course of the Institute of International Development (University of Vienna) and the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU). There will be 30 participants from University of Vienna and 30 participants from BOKU.

Each year, the course focuses on a global ‘hot topic’ in sustainable development – in 2018/2019, we are working on


Doing self-organized research, the students relate the given topic to the historical socio-economic and agro-ecological background of a specific region (e.g. Ethiopia). Representing a region (e.g. Ethiopia) and its interests, the students develop suggestions for solutions to address the challenge (e.g. environmental migration). Negotiating with other regional representatives (e.g. India), the students experience complexity and communication in a “realistic” situation.
Based on the negotiations, the students agree on a resolution for addressing the challenge (e.g. land grabbing) in a general assembly. Finally, the complex system of international interests in development is re-conceptualized drawing from the experiences of students.

Find out more about the project by clicking HERE or HERE.


1000 Atmosphären joined the main-organizers Mag.Wolfgang Gruber and Dr.Lorenz Probst to open up the experience for roleplayers who will represent important players on the political stage without being part of a governmental delegation.

The range of possible roles will depend on your commitment to participate: International press, business lobbyists, NGOs, research organizations and religious representatives and more.

Depending on the role and your commitment, it’s either possible to stay in one role all day, or to switch roles as the situation allows.

Scroll down and find out more about our three types of players!

Choose between

The 3 Options of Commitment

THE “SPECTATOR”  –  max. 5 slots

You want to be part of this, but you don’t have a lot time to prepare yourself for it?

In a Spectator-role you will impersonate some person of low rank with little responsibility, who will mainly add to the setting’s mood by supporting the council with subtle roleplay in the background.

Possible roles:
Security, delegation-member with few responsibilities, cameraperson, etc.

THE “FLOATER”  –  max. 10 slots

You are ready to prepare yourself a bit for the event?
You like changing roles depending on the situation and in agreement with the organizers?

In a Floater-role you will impersonate persons with little responsibility who actively engage in the conference, following their own agenda and influencing the outcome of events. You will proactively make contact with other participants, adding to the overall immersion and mood by supporting or hassling delegations.

Possible roles:
Journalists, activists, supporters of the chairpersons, etc.

THE “ANCHOR”  – max. 15 slots

You are ready to prepare yourself thoroughly for the event, OR you bring a lot of knowledge about a relevant theme (migration, business, religion, etc.)?
You want to have the full experience, staying in role all day long?

The Anchor-roles are fully autonomous participants of the conference simulation. According to their preparation or to their foreknowledge, these participants will impersonate players on the international stage of politics, following their own agenda all day, trying to influence the outcome of the conference according to their interests.

Possible roles:
Environmental non governmental organizations (ENGO), business and industry representatives (BINGO), research and independent organizations (RINGO), representatives of the development bank, Human Rights Watch / Amnesty International,  religious representatives, journalists, mediators, etc.

What this IS

  • Simulation game
  • Realistic / serious play
  • Negotiations
  • Self-responsible contentual preparation

What this IS NOT

  • 24h in game
  • High immersion
  • Deep emotions
  • Slapstick / Overacting


  • If another player interacts with you, show any plausible reaction. Play. Play something. No matter what, but play.
  • If you interact with another player, don’t expect any specific reaction of him or her. Accept what that player makes of your interaction.


The university lecturers and trainers provide their students with a set of rules for the conference simulation. Those rules are especially important to follow for Anchors and some Floaters.

As the rules for this year are still work in progress, you may read last year’s program HEREThe changes will probably be of minor nature and we will send you the current guidelines as soon as we get them. If there are any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Game-Aera & Catering

The simulation will take place in the main conference room C1 at UN Headquaters Vienna: Vienna International Centre. Most of your play will be situated in this room. The translator-booths will also be used and occupied by student- and professional translators, who are available for simultanous translation, translation of documents etc.

Multilateral negotiations can take place in various locations wherever at least two delegates are present and willing to discuss with each other. Lunch time and coffee breaks are used as unofficial phases of negotiations. For lunch, the whole group is going to the canteen of the VIC to eat. Note that you will have to pay lunch yourself and it will cost between 3 to 5 Euro.

Beside lunch there will be snacks during the day, which will be provided by the organizers and us. After the simuation, Thursday and Friday, we would love to have dinner together outside the VIC, which is also not included in the price of the game.

Costs & Signup


Sign-up is open until 16th of December 2018.

For sign-up please send us an email to including:

  • your full (!) name
  • a verified (!) email address (it will be passed on to the UN Conference Management and you will receive an email from them before the game for a photo-upload due to security reasons)
  • your telephone number (for us only = won’t be passed on)
  • which type of commitment you are willing to put up (Spectator, Floater, Anchor)
  • which roles you can see yourself in
  • the field(s) of expertise you are willing to delve into (Floater, Anchor)

After we have received your email, we will send your payment details. Your sign-up is complete after payment.


€ 10,- contribution towards expenses

Payment is due within 2 weeks after you received our payment-details. Failure to pay in time will result in automatic deregistration from the event. If you cannot comply for personal reasons, please contact the organizers as soon as possible, so we may find a solution together.

The ticket cannot be transfered to another person. If you cannot make it to the event but are registered, please inform the organizers immediately. If you cancel your participation after the 31st of December 2017, we won’t be able to return your contributions due to administrative reasons.


  • We will develop your roles with you, in agreement with the simulation-organizers and according to your commitment and foreknowledge.
  • We and other parties will take pictures. By signing up you’ll allow us and the other parties to use those pictures for non-commercial reasons.

1000 Atmosphären
Nonprofit society for personal and artistical development via Larp

Olivia Fischer – Gamemaster, Gamedesign, Didactics
Alexander Neubauer – Gamemaster, Gamedesign, Creative Support