The Plan / Der Plan

An experimental co-creative chamberlarp written by Martin Schuler. It is is a quasi-historic LARP for 8 players maximum without having extraordinary high expectations regarding historic accuracy. The game-setting of occupied France in the 2nd world war is only meant as a background to a game based on the definition of personality traits according to the Big Five/OCEAN typology (Oliver P. John, Laura P. Naumann, Christopher J. Soto: (2008) Paradigm Shift to the Integrative Big Five Trait Taxonomy. Handbook of Personality Theory and Research. 3. Edition)

  • Participants

    max. 8 players

  • Time

    3–4 hours (incl. workshops and debriefing)

  • Setting

    5th May 1944


5th May 1944: in a secret flat near Paris members of the “Resistance” meet to plan their next move. They have weapons, enemy uniforms, 1 car, detonation charges and hand grenades. Their stock is sufficient for one plan to succeed. There are 3 options to choose from:

  1. Option Red: The highest ranking SS commander is celebrating his birthday tomorrow night in a hotel
  2. Option Yellow: A German tank-regiment of the Wehrmacht will be transported from trainstation A to trainstation B tomorrow night. The way is leading over a poorly secured bridge.
  3. Option Blue: British Royal Airforce Officers in a nearby prisoner camp are planing an escape tomorrow night.