The Heritage / Das Erbe

A minimalistic co-creative Chamber Larp written by Martin Schuler, around the concept of Glasl’s conflict/escalation cascade.

  • Participants

    up to 10 players

  • Time

    2 to 4 hours

  • Setting

    Present Day


Compared to “The Dinner” and “The Journey” this LARP is even more reduced in design. It was created to test, if the old saying “The essence of LARP is conflict” is true.

For this experimental LARP, only a conflict will be provided. Some rules are recommended, but can be adapted, added or removed by the players, as they wish. The ORGA will reduce its role to setting a time and place for the LARP and providing snacks, drinks and toilets.

A LARP is a common creation of the players; too much interaction and planning by the ORGA and the LARP designers may steer LARP towards a commercial event or passive consumed service.