A Soap-Larp written by Theresia Widhalm and Martin Schuler, about Valentinesday in a typical Viennese “Gemeindebau”, a social democratic housing block. Is love in the air, and who will be Mr. and Mrs. Gemeindebau?

  • Participants

    10-14 players

  • Time


  • Setting

    Suburban Soap Opera


Set in a typical Viennese “Gemeindebau” (a housing block in the suburbs, built from the social democrats), “Hearts of Concrete” was designed as a classical Soap-Larp. Therefore Characters and Connections between them were created by coincidence. In a comical game full of stereotypes and overacting the residents of the Gemeindebau were searching for love, fame and distraction during a Valentines-Day-Speeddating-Session. Will there be love to find, or only plenty of possibilities to lose your remaining dignity? Who the heck killed the janitor’s dog and why are the still droppings in the courtyard? A romantic comedy.

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